Dive into one of Rwanda's finest destinations track with us.by the
Southern section. East of Albertine Rift of Congo Nile Divide.
The journey will take you from the deepest caves to hills, passing by
Waterfalls and green pastures.

Day 1 Kigali-Musanze

  • Visit to the Gorilla – Susasa family(optional)
  • Visit of the Musanze caves
  • Visit to the Buhanga Eco-park
  • Eco-tours (iby’iwacu culture village)

Day 3 Gisovu

  • Bisesero Genocide Museum
  • Nyungwe Gisovu: Chimpanzee
  • Source of  the Nile River
  • Gisovu tea factory
  • Bird watching

Day 5 Driver back to Kigali

Day 2 Rubavu-Karongi

  • Landscaping ( Tea & Coffee Plantation )
  • Rutsiro Tea Factory
  • Rutsiro Pilgrimage Place
  • Lake Kivu Exploration

Day 4 Gisakura

  • Waterfalls
  • Chimpazee
  • Orchids
  • Bird watching
  • Canopy walk

Congo Nile expeditions special destinations by excellence
What makes the Congo Nile trail special:
What you need to know:

  • The Bisesero Genecide museum is home to the largest and most fierce resistance to the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, and is located along the Congo Nile Trail
  • Seven out of ten Rwandan tea factories are located along the Congo Nile Divide, giving it a fresh air with outsanding scenery
  • The longest path of the Nile source is on the Congo Nile Divide
  • Mount Muhugwe stands as the tallest mountain.approximately about the same altitude as most of the Volcano mountains
  • Three out of four Rwanda National Parks are linked with the Congo Nile Divide
  • The largest country’s mineral reserve is located along the Congo Nile Divide trail
  • The Congo Nile Divide is home to the Rwanda’s largest mountain track
  • The largest Rwandan coffee plant is located on the Congo Nile Divide
  • The congo Nile expedition is the Rwanda second touristic destination after the Gorilla trail
  • The Musanze Caves lie on approximately 1.25 miles, and are located right next of Musanze town, along the road to Rubavu. Part of the volcanic area, the caves were formed over 60 million years ago from magmatic reactions underground.
  • The Nyungwe’s rain forest, home to large bird and chimpanzee families is located West of the Congo Nile Divide.