A slice of caves and heaven in the Northwestern Rwanda

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A slice of caves and heaven in the Northwestern Rwanda

In the breezy Northern Rwanda’s small town of Musanze, on the tracks of the line of contrasting landscape, up on mountains and down in caves too, I was determined to know and see for myself what Rwanda showcases, way besides the animals’destinations around the country.
Her beauty left me mesmerized. But yet, it was one subset of a longer, larger, multiple-district involving trail that Mother Nature decided to put in the heart of Africa, for all to see, that small city on a hill, with displayed lights, a bit like that beautiful village girl attracting tourists and local visitors to come, get inspired and go back with a smile, leaving in wander.

The story below as I saw it – how to put it politely – has swept me off my feet first too, let me get at it, with a pose first.

With mixed feelings of fear and excitement, I entered into the first of the two caves that go down and give you the impression of heading to a meeting with Lucifer at His residence. My honest and first – filled with fear – question was if there are animals to expect. But, where was I with my mind; the flying rats that stand upside down on trees and that love darkness – read bats – love and live for such cozy moments and environments. It took me close to an hour, to go through that – up down the small stones and rocks around the caves, hearing from a far the crying sounds of the light-disturbed bats, making a pulse skip a beat and get on track again, invoking my ancestors and the Holy Trinity as I explored this lost beauty. Hell is hot – I presume, but the caves were cooler. And the green, wild leaves on the inside held me spellbound. Appalling as it sounds, I felt like staying in.

Just like a giant tunnel, I kept going forward with the guide, falling at the charm of that hidden beauty. Truthful as they say, the beauty of Lady Rwanda is hidden. A full hour tour down the clock, my body that got swept off from my feet earlier, slowly got back to them. All I needed – all I yearned for, at this right hour of the moment was a light. Dimming as it may be, the beauty was enthralling but some light too. On and On, but no light still. Fear kicked in, the bats were louder, excitement waned and an urge of getting away and carry on the day slowly got installed. Started to think of it as a big house with too many rooms that I wished I could visit all. And while lost in my wandering fear, blimey – a Light! End of the tunnel, Jacky has made it! Completing this exhilarating exercise deserved a small snap.

But that wasn’t all – was it. Discovering the appealing curves of the Lady I had decided to explore, from down up, was not to end at the caves. I had to do justice to myself and to my new found luring object.

To reward my inquisitive person – as I was discovering a new and exciting face of my country, further West, Lady Rwanda decided to blow me with a gentle kiss on my cheeks,right in the middle of the Rutsiro Tea Factory some way to whisper to me – I have got more for you, young lady. And it went on. Went on. And it couldn’t tire my eyes to look at it. The green went on. Seated at one of the top mountains in the district of Rutsiro, innocent green tea leaves awing more than a tourist gave a peaceful soft dance back and forth – left and right to my staring eyes.

The sun added to the fairy scenery and went down too. Giving an altogether sense of serenity and calm, and an I-do-not-know-what-English-to-use feeling describing what was at stake for what was a great exploration of my new found Lady…friend

And oh, How could our national tea not be of world-renown if grown in such conditions?
And still – more can be done; the caves, to add in more spice could be greatly managed to a better touring facility with a more researched historical background, because trust me, a lot has been dealt with in the entrails of Lady Rwanda. As I was walking too.

Until the next one.