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Jallyn Travels offers a variety of truly magnificent Tourism Events in Rwanda. We encourage you to plan your customized holidays around one of the following major events that are currently being held on a yearly or biannually basis:

Kwita Izina

Kwita izina (to give a name) is a fabulous, ancient Rwandan naming ceremony performed by the very first of our ancestors as part and parcel of the celebration and welcoming of a newborn child in the family. Tradition has it that family members who designate the name of each newborn subsequently announce the given name during the ceremony. In analogy with their human counterparts a similar ceremony has been held for our primate cousins, namely the marvelous mountain gorillas born on the sides of the beautiful and luscious green hills of Rwanda. Rangers, researchers and other conservation specialists all partake in the ceremony honoring these very unique animals in a special way.
The event is at the centerpiece of the annual celebration of Rwanda’s concerted conservation efforts in protecting the endangered mountain gorilla, whose different families have been recorded to have thrived over the years.

The Pan-African Dance Festival/Festival Panafricain de la Danse (FESPAD)

The Pan-African Dance Festival/Festival Panafricain de la Danse (FESPAD) was set up by the 67th council of ministers of the former African Union Organisation (OAU) in February 1998 and is held every two years. The event aims to develop the African continent and its people. Rwanda was given the honour of hosting FESPAD as a nation.
This international dance festival aims at “bringing together the African people so as to take an active part in the social, political, economic and cultural development of Africa.” The festival is an occasion for Rwanda to showcase itself as a spectacular destination for dance. Join us and immerse yourself!


In Rwandan tradition “Thanks Giving day – ‘Umuganura’ was the second most important ceremony performed by Rwandans. At the beginning of every harvest season – since the introduction of agriculture in Rwanda during the 3d century B.C. according to different sources of literature –
Rwandans come together to organize this big event aimed at celebrating the accomplishments of the harvest.
In terms of magnitude only the enthronization of the new King could eclipse this splendorous occasion. Today this tradition is continued and we would love to celebrate umuganura together with you every year at the beginning of August. Among the highlights of the celebrations is a performance of the national ballet: Urukerereza