Our itineraries are especially designed for you to bask in nature’s luxurious experiences.
Journey with us and let us guide you through Rwanda’s unmatched beauty


Let the beauty of Africa embrace you! Let us take you to our lands and discover the rich culture,
and the breathtakingly beautiful sceneries.


We are a vibrant, colorful and energetic people. Get immersed into the Rwandan culture
through our tours. With us, you will get an unforgettable African excursion.


For the avian lovers Rwanda is like Mecca. Nowhere on the planet can you find a higher variety of bird species. With world-class ornithologists for guides, bird life aficionados as well as professional ‘twitchers’ will feel like children in a candy store on our tours in Rwanda.


From the highest peaks of Kilimanjaro to the bubbling hot volcanic lava of Nyiragongo, our hiking itineraries are never short of exhilaration. Hike through the forest mountain and experience nature’s gentle creatures. Lets get fit in nature together.

Eco Tours

Jallyn Travels offers you the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and
experience to the fullest extend how Rwanda perceives Culture and its preservation as the cornerstone
of development.
In addition Travel with Jallyn offers tailor-made tours & safaris focused on sustainability and nature
conservation. All Eco tourism destinations including the Rwanda National Parks, forests, wetlands,
cultural sites and lakeside beach holidays are covered in our flexible packages. Our staff are trained to
maintain at all times an ecologic and healthy approach to tourism so as to contribute holistically to the
enriching of the natural habitats both our guests and ourselves have cautiously opted for.
We want to present to you a range of affordable and quality Eco tours in Rwanda in which you can chose
to visit Rwanda gorillas, Chimpanzees, go on birding trips, cultural tours and nature walks or hikes while
staying in Eco-friendly lodges and safari camps which truly blend with nature and which are built on the
premise of limiting the ecologic footprint.