Our Team

Jacqueline Tumukunde is Jallyn Travels’ Founder and functions as its Managing Director. Her passion for Rwanda and surroundings knows no match. As if that is not enough she has been working in the tourism sector for as long as she remembers and is dedicated to share the spoils the people of Rwanda have been endowed with by Mother Nature. Early on in her professional career Jacqueline built strong networks as an ardent travel blogger, a conference organizer and as a digital marketing executive & warden guide for VIP visitors at the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda. This extended network and her unmatched knowhow on the best, most rustic & finest scenes makes her a rising star in East-Africa’s world of tourism. Jacky, as her friends call her, is your best guarantee to quality time in one of the most beautiful places on our planet.

Vincent Ruzindana is a tour consultant like you have never experienced. He designs the most exquisite Rwanda tours – in line with your expectations – packed with hidden gems and pristine places. More often than not even exceeding your and our wildest imagination. He is a nature guru who can communicate with all living creatures in his sleep. Imagine what he can do when he is awake. That glorious moment occurs every day at 4 am on and off the job. When he is not being nature’s superman he enjoys reading a good book and meeting new people.

Alida Uwitonze is our numbers magician. She excels in ensuring your needs are met while remaining in correspondence with the budget you have envisioned. Apart from juggling comfortably with all financial ops, which she truly enjoys being all about running a tight ship, she loves travelling together with her husband and kids. On top of that Alida is very devoted to church service, which probably explains why she has a longstanding covenant with our Lord that has so far seen no one going over budget.

Nathan Muhirwa is our visual troubadour. His poetry is not written in words but in images – motion and stills. He doesn’t just take pictures he makes them. At the editing table Nathan is at his very best when ensuring you can timely receive your trip souvenirs before departure. After all, this is the moment that he ‘sings’ the floetry he captured in silence when accompanying you throughout your journey. Needless to say that he is enamored with all things photography – practically naming his future kids after cameras. I bet he’ll take Nikon and Canon travelling around the globe as soon as they are conceived, because like all members of our Jallyn team, Nathan has a profound passion for travelling & discovery.