Jallyn Travels presents you with phenomenal customized travel plans and routes offering you top of the bill, mesmerizing journeys comprising a wide variety of possibilities. Whether you are looking for awe-inspiring, rip-roaring cultural escapades, sensational city explorations, or simply satisfying the soul by basking in the fantastic flora and fauna of remarkable Rwanda; we have got the perfect deal for you. Jallyn Travels creates truly unique, magical experiences while leaving the natural and cultural heritage intact for generations to come. Our tours are specifically designed with the intention to promote the beauty of our country while placing tourism at the very heart of cultural conservation and wildlife protection efforts. Sustainability makes up our DNA.

We invite you to come and discover remarkable Rwanda with us and truly observe with all your senses that this is more than just a slogan. Rwanda is the epitome of adventure and everlasting joy. Tailor-made packages provided to you by a team of Experts with a vast experience in the Rwanda tourism Industry are ready to be unraveled and discovered.


Our Kigali City Tour will show you the best Kigali has to offer. It connects the dots between the history of the city and the present so you would be able to touch the true soul of the town. This teasing tour will give you a valuable glimpse of life in Kigali; you will get to discover the stirring historic and cultural sites that will enrich you even beyond the sheer awesomeness of the bustling, newly created commercial center with its car free zone, a first on the continent. During daytime you might well sense you have arrived in wonderland when reflecting on the greenness of the city. At night this oasis turns into a lovely lightshow that could make you feel you are floating in space reaching for the stars, when the darkness of the hills are interspersed with hillside home illuminations. Quality entertainment and high-end, relaxing environments are easy to find in the various cultural hotspots, in the numerous restaurants endowed with the most succulent cuisine as well as in renowned, world-class hotels. This is a must do tour before or after your conference.


On this full day tour we will drive you to the Volcanoes National Park. Starting at the rooster’s cue (4:30 am) we set of for a 2,5 hour trip from Kigali with breathtaking views of the rising sun in her preparation to roll and reign over the initially mist-covered hills. At 7:00am you will register at the Volcanoes National Park where you will receive a thorough briefing of the day. The finest cup of Made In Rwanda tea or coffee will be made available to you before hiking up the mystifying, challenging yet smooth slopes that will take you straight to the mountain gorillas’ natural habitat. After trekking you will have time to enjoy lunch by the foot of the volcanoes before embarking on a picturesque drive back to Kigali.



The stunning and scenic landscape in Rwanda’s Eastern province forms the gateway through which you will pass en route from Kigali to Akagera National Park. After this 2,5 hour dazzling drive the true adventure is yet to begin. Enraptured by Akagera’s fabulous forest frilled lakes, enigmatic papyrus swamps, supreme stretches of savannah plains and undulating highlands you will enjoy the marvelous scenery of one of Africa’s most prodigious reserves. All of this while witnessing wildlife magic when stumbling upon a herd of elephants, grazing giraffes, zebras, buffalo, a pod of hippopotami, black rhinoceroses, a stray lion as well as a variety of different antelope species and an amazing avian diversity.

This extraordinary and electrifying Game Drive along the Kilala plain will have you indulge in enjoyable recollection of your tremendously beautiful journey for years to come. A lunch box will be provided at the Ruzizi Tented Camp where you will have the comfort and time to revitalize before heading into the next adventure. The afternoon boat ride, which will most certainly put you in a buoyant mood, offers you the opportunity to gaze at the game and the spectacular birdlife from the perspective of the delightful Lake Ihema. After that the game is up and you will subsequently be driven back to Kigali and dropped off at your hotel where a well-deserved shower will feel like never before.




This fabulous 3-day Nyungwe National Park (NNP) journey is the trip of a lifetime. To reach your destination, you can opt for either a 30 min flight or a 6-hours drive on the meandering, quality roads of Rwanda cutting through the splendorous and luscious green hills. NNP extends over 1000 square kilometers of immaculate, ancient rainforest that is filled with the most wondrous biodiversity with several restricted–range species that are found only in the Albertine Rift eco–region in Africa. Birds, Chimpanzees, Colobus Monkeys and much more make up the marvelous fauna. All can be spotted from the state of the art canopee walk – 150m long, 90 meters above the ground – which will provide you with a stellar vantage point that can literally make you feel as happy as a monkey in a tree or even as a bird in the sky. As for the flora, NNP is home to over 1000 recorded plant species and more than 200 different tree species. After the afternoon thrilling canopee promenade the first day of adventure will belong to the realm of captivating memories from which you can distill stories to your loved ones for decades to come. At Nyungwe Forest Lodge, where you will spend the night in comfort and style, you can relax and for instance already start to eternalize your journey by enriching your travel diary.


Your professional driver and guide will drive you at cockcrow time (5:00am) to the park headquarters for Chimpanzee trekking in Cyamundongo forest. This hike will provide you with the wonderful opportunity to encounter the chimps and about a dozen other, perhaps more distant cousins. The variety of species you will meet can make one think you are either on the set of the Planet of the Apes or warped into space ending up on a different planet altogether, or is it? After lunch you can again get out your fountain pen to fill your diary’s remaining pages with the essence of the most enthralling encounters and perhaps a reconstruction of the family tree… Or – and this is a very special and exciting part of the package – you can opt to luxuriate in a complete relaxation session at the lodge.


A scrumptious breakfast session will mark full circle after which you will check out and drive back to Kigali. En route, you will have the chance to pause for culture and visit the Butare Museum or the Nyanza palace on your way to Kigali.


Nyanza Royal Palace is in the southern part of Rwanda, at only 2 hours from Kigali, and constitutes the former home of Mwami (cfr. King) Mutara III Rudahigwa. This royal tour will give you a glimpse of the traditional architecture; complete with the domed structures – after which the Kigali Convention Center is emulated – that are made entirely with natural materials. The adjacent palace quarters have been assiduously restored to its original 19th Century state and are currently maintained as a museum serving as an educational center for Rwanda’s rich cultural history.

As an extra, you will have the option to visit the Rwesero Art Museum, a contemporary art gallery where some of the country’s finest modern-time artworks are on display. The museum, which was built to become the King’s modern residence, equally boasts a magnificent view of the softly billowing Nyanza hills, the epicenter of “Mwami” rule in pre-modern Rwanda. Literally around the corner in the district of Huye, lies the Ethnographic Museum a majestic retrospective of Africa’s most precious collections of pre and post-colonial ethnography, art and archaeology gems.




Jallyn Travels will take you on this tour to the most recreational and at the same time romantic spots in Rwanda. This is truly the place to kick back and relax while savoring the beach life. A plethora of outdoor activities can be added to the menu depending on your taste or state of mind. For instance modern water sport facilities are to be found alongside traditional boats.

We schedule boat rides to Napoleon’s Island (home to a colony of fruit bats) or the Amahoro Island. You will find sporting activities like kayaking, fishing and much more. Whether you feel more for a stay at a four-star luxurious beach resort or for a modest yet beautifully set-up bungalow sojourn, you can match your heart’s desires at Lake Kivu.

Dive into one of Rwanda's finest destinations track with us.by the
Southern section. East of Albertine Rift of Congo Nile Divide.
The journey will take you from the deepest caves to hills, passing by
Waterfalls and green pastures.